Salt Creative The Architectural Visualization Photographers
- The Architecture Visualization Photographers

3D Architetural rendering studio


Communicating the unbuilt architectural space.

Visualization for Architects, Developers & Designers

We create, invent and explore the architectural identity of your project to design visuals with a strong art direction. Our work philosophy focuses on the creation of natural viewpoints that relate to a sense of time and space and are appealing as an artistic creation and as a photographic interpretation of the building design and its surroundings. We rely on cinematic techniques as color, lighting and composition to drive the observer´s emotions and transmit unique stories and concepts through our images.


Tiago Esteves


Tiago is a design architect with extensive experience in architecture design and visualization. He has worked for several years in architectural firms both in Portugal and Australia. He is also a graduated music composer and the lead singer in a Portuguese rock band. He is a creative thinker who shares with his Co-Founder the love for surfing and traveling.


Rodrigo Vasconcelos


Rodrigo brings extensive experience in visualization and digital imaging development. He lived in the UK for over a decade, where he graduated in Photography and Electronic Imaging and worked as a Professional Photographer in the Architecture and Advertising Industry. His Photographic interpellations and artistic concepts are reflected in every Salt's image.                                                                                      



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