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Contact - Architecture Visualization - 3D Visualization for Architects, Developers & Designers.

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 1070 Lisbon, Portugal

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Our Design Process

Our process integrates state of the art technology, with the most fundamental principals of cinematography and design. 

Short brief

Prior to start-up, we ask you to send us a short brief describing the essence of the project and any extra info that will add value to the final result; such as photographic references for materials, textures, target audience, special areas of focus etc.

Concept Draft

We set composition and explore lighting moods based on the architecture project and your initial input. We start developing drawings and "clay" images drafts with selected camera angles and lighting options so you can comment. 

Model input

We will now work on the architectural details, add materials, furniture, etc. This is your chance to make sure that everything clicks; all surfaces have the right texture and tone, and each element is according to expectations.

Close to final images

This is that phase when we think the images are ready, and deliver a high-resolution image that is up to our standards. You now have the final opportunity to comment some small details if necessary.

Final delivery

We will now work on all small details and minor adjustments, work on image grading and prepare image for final delivery.